Fuel F 500 kneeboard


To make your ride more comfortable, a contoured EVA pad has a 3 inch padded shock strap to hold you securely in place and cushions your knees. An integrated Hydrohook lets you get up on the first try so you can enjoy more time playing on the water. Dual retractable fins give you maximum cutting power when they are down, but allow for maximum trick potential when retracted. You can adjust the fins between sets when the board is not in motion. The Pro-XLT Kneeboard by Hydroslide will provide you with hours of fun this summer!

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Fuel F 500 kneeboard

Molded fins provide extra stability and traction • The “parabolic twin tip” ensures maximum lift and smooth transitions during tricks.

Beveled edge for a smooth, fluid and forgiving ride.

Strong 3” neoprene padded webbing “double locking strap” with shock strap.

The “mag-hook” allows beginning riders to get up easy and quickly and then automatically retracts flush with the deck when not in use.

Ergonomic seat pad with deep knee wells for added comfort.

Why the MagHook : This handle hook is designed to make it super easy to get up. The rider can very easily can pull themselves up into the riding position whilst the board is being towed by the handle. Once in position and the knee strap adjusted, the rider can then remove the handle from the MagHook.

The hook then goes flat into the board.