Imported PTM Edge Watersports Mirror – Used on Imported Boats

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VR-100 PRO Mirror
The 6″ x 14″ VR-100 PRO offers unparalleled viewable range and clarity via prescription-grade optics. The premium mirror is housed in UV-resistant engineered polymer. The spherical-tension socket provides infinite positioning for superior stability in the roughest waters.


  • 100 Degrees Viewing Angle
  • UV-Resistant, ABS Housing
  • Spherical Tension Socket

CFR-200 Clamping Mirror Bracket
The CFR-200 clamping mirror bracket is manufactured with carbon fiber composite material, providing extremely strong and rigid performance. The patent-pending bracket design integrates “X” bracing for rigidity and interlocking components provide for functional flexibility. In the upright performance posture, the bracket “locks” into place with the turn of a single knob, preventing the bracket from loosening and changing position. Another simple twist of the knob releases the “lock” and with an upward tug, the bracket slips from its interlocking nest, allowing the bracket to be dropped below the windshield for covering and transportation, without removal. The CFR-200 installs in minutes with a 1/4″ allen wrench. The CFR-200 will accommodate all but a few speciality windshield trims and is American made.

MS-100 Mirror Sock
Protective Mirror Sock is designed specifically for the VR-100 Series mirror. Made with high-quality neoprene and secure Velcro® closures.



  • VR-100 PRO Mirror
  • CFR-200 Clamping Mirror Bracket
  • KNB-100 Billet Aluminium Knob
  • MS-100 Mirror Sock
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Replacement Knob for CFR-200 Clamping Mirror Bracket
  • Spacers


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