Monster MT1 Tower


Monster MT1 Tower


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Monster’s MT2 wakeboard tower is particularly well suited for boats with longer windshields.

If you are looking for a mid-level wakeboard tower you can use to pull wakeboarders and store accessories, you need the MT2 wakeboard tower. Its engineered aluminium construction with built-in features makes it a great option for your boat.

The MT2 universal wakeboard tower is not only strong, but sleek in its appearance with its gracefully curved legs. It is guaranteed to fit virtually ANY boat with a 60” – 102” beam and is ideal for boats with larger windshields. The leg design makes the MT2 approximately 2-3” taller than the MT1 giving you the opportunity for more height when performing tricks on the water! Completely silent and fully collapsible, you can enhance your ride with the coolest universal wakeboard tower on the market.